Sunday, January 3, 2010

Vegas... (and a) Baby!

So, Ian and I decided to celebrate New Year's in a big way (this year) and join our friends in Las Vegas to ring in 20-10. It was a perfect trip to Vegas that included great food (starting with the Mad Greek on our way into town, Mesa Grill and the Strip House), our best friends, and only $2.85 lost at the nickel poker video machine. We even caught a glimpse of Holly Madison a former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner's and former star of "The Girls Next Door." We left Los Angeles around 3:30 Wednesday afternoon and arrived just before 11 o'clock that night. Traffic was a nightmare but Trevor kept calm, and we eventually arrived and rallied. All in all, a VERY good time.

But the thing that amazed me the most had nothing to do with the new City Center complex or New Year's Eve exhibitionists.

With all of the sights and sounds in Vegas (especially the ringing of the slot machines), I was most amazed by our friend, Melissa. At nearly six months pregnant, she braved Vegas. Not only did she LOOK beautiful (see picture) but she hung in there with the rest of us. Gives me hope this whole pregnancy thing is do-able. Thanks, Mel, for making it seem (not just) possible, but fun. Maybe I can do it too... some day ;).

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