Monday, December 28, 2009

First year of marriage?

Is it possible? I wasn't planning on posting today... in fact, I am getting ready for a run. But, I just realized that one year ago (today), Ian started moving his stuff into my apartment. Thus, the count down to our one year anniversary, officially begins.

Strange, some talk about the first year of marriage like it's the hardest thing... and some people talk about it as if it's a vacation. For us (or for me), this year of marriage... so far... has been life. It's been wonderful, frustrating, funny, busy, and has included a lot of compromise and growth. It hasn't been HARD, but it hasn't been a dream, and I am glad. I don't want to wake up January 11, and feel like "real" marriage has finally begun and happiness has hit the skids. Marriage has been like my favorite pair of black high-heel leather boots. I couldn't wait to put them on, I look forward to wearing them every day, and they look good with everything. Yep, that's me. I can equate my marriage to shoes... I hope Ian doesn't mind.

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